Hi, I’m Michael

Taking responsibility = meaning.

I am writing about philosophy, productivity and everything that comes to my mind.

The goal of this blog is to show people the connection between responsibility and meaning.

This blog is about using simple but Not easy steps that anybody can apply to Make their life a lot better by taking responsibility for their actions.

You should read this if you want to have more in life, more than everybody else tells you that is possible.

By making the proper sacrifices you might get an ultimate reward.

It won’t be a non-sense talk you can hear on the internet. You cannot achieve everything in life. There are some limitations.

BUT you can still achieve a lot and I will show you how to do it.

If you read my blog you Get creative inspiration for improving your life as well as step-by-step process for moving from point A (frustrated, Not fulfilled, left behind) person to point B (inspired, full of fire, knowing exactly what to do and taking action towards your potential).

My goal is to show people a different way of life, which is also the more difficult path.

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