How to Make Your Work More Attractive

Work attractive - work station

You get back from work. The computer is waiting for you. But you’re tired. You’re wondering what to do.

Should I watch another episode on Netflix?

Or maybe I will spend a few next hours watching useless videos on Youtube?

Or Should I just lie down on the bed and sleep?

Answer YES to any of those above is OK. Unless you spend all of your time like this. This doesn’t lead to anything meaningful and productive.

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The Things You Do or Don’t Do Are Far More Important Than You Think

Are you thinking that you’re worthless? Like nothing matters at all?

We’ve all been there. That’s wrong though. Seriously wrong.

Your actions and inactions affect the whole world – or at least people around you. You can take it into the next level and by increasing your level of competence influencing more and more people until you affect the whole world. 

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How to Hit Your Goals (With Perfect Precision)

Hit your Goals

Have you tried to add a few habits to your life at once? If so, I guess you failed. And no wonder.

Importance of habits

Your life consists of many small actions you do. Most of them are repeatable because your brain tends to simplify everything. If you can act by using your subconscious systems then your brain will follow that path. And it will do that with everything it can. You then run on autopilot. 

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Aim at the Highest Star

Do you have the aim that you’re thinking about all the time?

If not then maybe it’s time to reconsider having one.

Have you seen the movie Pinocchio?

There’s a scene where Gepetto, an old man looks at the highest star on the sky and tells the wish. He wants his wooden puppet to become a real boy. And his wish has been granted.

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