Working 9-5, doing shit you don’t like to have money  to spend on things you need to impress people you don’t like. Or even worse, going through your day hour to hour, day to day, just to prolong your existence without any meaning or purpose.

Does your life has to be so boring and miserable?

I am taking you to adventure when there is a Different and Difficult Path to this. But I promise you, even thought it is tough, it is worth it. 

I believe that the success of living a fulfilled, happy life for an individual is to achieve his greatest version of himself, a strong character.

I believe that even to achieve your dreams, to complete your dream list – you need to become a strong person first, with a character. And then focus on habits and big jumps. That way you have the courage you need and reflexes you need to achieve big things.
But even without achieving these big things you will feel you’re on the right path and get rid of regret.

This path have some rules you need to follow if you want to stay as close as you can on that path:

Benefits of this Path


We as humans are easily distracted by pleasures of the world. However it only last for a moment. Then it’s either gone or transforms into guilt. What’s the alternative? Seek meaning instead of instant gratificaiton. You’ll find it by aiming at something truly worthwhile for you.

Then, by moving towards that goal, you will feel meaning. And you do it by constant sacrifices of the present for the future good.

There’s a common pressure to be nice to people. It’s not always “Good”. Neither for you or them. I am not saying to try to be rude to them. No. Be gentle but not for all cost.

Being Good is far more than just being nice. To be Good means also to be useful, to be able to protect other people, those you love. And you’ll not achieve that by being nice. You’ll achieve that by taping to your dark side and learning to control it. 

By being assertive and strong you’re able to confront Bad people and you’re able to protect your own values.

Have you watched adventure movies? Probably a lot of them. And most of them you liked. What’s so special about them? There’s a common theme that goes through it. It is called The Hero’s Journey.

It shows you how little/imperfect person can transform into the Hero through series of events which He/She chooses to confront voluntarily. 

Anyone can become the Hero. Read this article to see how.

You’re been constantly told to tell the truth. We all know that. But do we follow this advice 100% of the time? Probably not, because sometimes lying is good for the short run. But, you won’t get away with it. Never. Believe me. You’ll discover it sooner or later. 

In the long run, lying is very bad option. Even in the smallest situations. You patologize your cognitive system when you do it and later you don’t even know what is good for you. – if you cannot trust yourself. Choose  the truth.

Time is money. And time is limited. Choose your activities wisely. You can do anything but you cannot do everything. By saying no to the things are not so important we leave space for these right activities.

Also you need to discover tactics on Time Management and Efficiency if you want to speed up your results.

Emotions can easily ruin your results, your relationships or even your mood during the day. Learn to control your emotions. Learn to also use negative emotions as your fuel. 

There’s so much to change in the world. We see this imperfection, in other people, in the whole world. What if them could be better? Wouldn’t that be great?

Wrong. That’s wrong kind of mindset. Actually YOU are part of this world and your community. Believe me there’s plenty to fix in yourself. Just thing about what stupid things you are doing on a daily basis. It probably won’t take you as much as 10 seconds to figure it out. And by fixing yourself step by step you make the world a better place. And you inspire others to do the same with their lives.

Fix yourself first. And then you can learn to influence others by your example.