How to Automate Your Diet: Meal Prep

Automate Your Diet

Not so long time ago, I was eating out during my working hours. I thought it was a good idea. But after a month I checked my bank account and I was frightened.

My Food expenses consisted of 45% of my monthly expenses!

So I decided that I’ll cook on my own. Unfortunately, there were times when I was hungry as hell because I didn’t have anything to eat. Especially when I needed to work 40 hours weekly and attend classes on the university.

Then the idea came to my mind: What if I just prepare meals in advance so I won’t be so pissed off during constantly preparing.

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The Power of Time (ROI)

The Power of Time

I was sitting back in my room and I was wondering. The question came to my head:

“Why should I eat this healthy food, why should I go to the gym on daily basis, why should I read these books. Does it even matter?”

And then… I got the answer,

It matters because the effects of these routines are visible but in a long term.

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