Diffpath Weekly Report #2

1. In every obstacle, you can (and should) find an opportunity.
Maybe I got a little time to focus on my blog. But it’s not gonna stop me. I’ll use it as an opportunity for my future article on how I manage my time to still make a progress in my blog despite having a lot of other responsibilities. Find your own obstacles and figure out how you can use it as your advantage.

2. Where you wanna be is moving forward to something worthwhile.
You might have some problems in your life. But… as long as you move towards something meaningful, you will attract some good things in your life. And you will have hope, which is a great fuel. Make a plan, move your butt and you’ll be fine.

3. Solution to feeling stressed, unsatisfied, or when something goes off the rails – gratitude.
There are always gonna be some problems in your life. But as long as you have the strength you can overcome them. Gratitude is the best way to give you some power and bring some peace to your heart.
Practice appreciation of 3 things every morning. It could be as simple as a flat where you can sleep, a good cup of coffee, or a friend that you’ve taken for granted. Practice it every day and you’ll find more good around you.