Diffpath Weekly Report #5

1. Do low-energy tasks when you’re tired instead of forcing yourself into difficult tasks or giving up.
I was tired after a few hours of deep work and I couldn’t get myself into doing another project. And actually, I spent a lot of time procrastinating.

What I needed to do was just go for easier tasks.
Now, I’ve set up a system of dividing tasks into energy levels in Todoist and I will stick to it.
It’s important.
Start each day with the most difficult task but feel free to switch them to low-energy tasks.

2. Ask yourself: “How can I make my life easier”.
Too many times we are struggling with no purpose. Sit down and think about how can you make your life easier without getting rid of important and meaningful things (or people) in your life.

For example, you may change a gym to one which is closer to you so you save time.
Or maybe you can outsource some tasks to other people so you don’t have to take care of everything. 
Or maybe you can automate cooking.

Just think and the ideas will pop up in your head.

3. Think about how you can use the project you are working on right now in different projects.
I had to pick a topic for my presentation in an English lesson related to business. I searched through my Evernote and I found an interesting one.
And after that, I thought I might also kill 2 birds with one stone so I picked it for my next article on a website. That way I may validate my idea in front of people and get feedback.
Be mindful before starting a new project.