Diffpath Weekly Report #6

1. Just when all hope seems lost a New Hero emerges and slays the dragon and creates order out of chaos.
It’s a thought from Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Remember that there’s always hope. You just need to look at the darkest place of your soul (Dark wood) – the place you do not want to look at, find there a dragon (Your biggest challenge you are scared of), and confront it humbly with your sword (Competence). And you will prevail and you will transform into a better human being thanks to that.

2. Don’t be an idiot.
When you know that something will benefit you at that moment and help you solve a problem don’t be arrogant, Just do it. Because otherwise, you contribute to Hell.
When you’re in bad mood and you’re having a conversation or when you encounter some problem that you know a solution to, don’t be a jackass.
Just do what you can to make things better and your life, as well as the life of people around you, will change – for the better.

3. Focus on a moment.
Wherever you are, focus on a moment. Just do some breathing, and close your eyes if necessary. 
And then feel it, the sensation of wind. the heat, the noise. Practice meditation more frequently. It will improve your happiness within a minute. Be present instead of thinking about the past or future too much and you will experience more joy in life