The Hero’s Journey – Solution To Suffering

Were you fired? Having a bad time in your relationship? All things fall apart in front of you? And what’s more, you can’t find a way to find any positive things in your life? Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen only to you. The world is more cruel and ungrateful place than we’re told. But, does Read more

How to Automate Your Diet: Meal Prep

Not so long time ago, I was eating out during my working hours. I thought it was a good idea. But after a month I checked my bank account and I was frightened. My Food expenses consisted of 45% of my monthly expenses! So I decided that I’ll cook on my own. Unfortunately, there were Read more

How To Save Time and Energy: Simply Quit

Sometimes we are feeling like we have enough of some activity. But some part of us doesn’t wanna let it go. We stay in the same place until we are exhausted as hell (or even until we die).  Sounds familiar? The question is: how can we change this behavior?