How To Save Time and Energy: Simply Quit

Sometimes we are feeling like we have enough of some activity. But some part of us doesn’t wanna let it go. We stay in the same place until we are exhausted as hell (or even until we die).  Sounds familiar? The question is: how can we change this behavior?

The Power of Time (ROI)

I was sitting back in my room and I was wondering. The question came to my head: “Why should I eat this healthy food, why should I go to the gym on daily basis, why should I read these books. Does it even matter?” And then… I got the answer, It matters because the effects Read more

Warning: Stop Contributing To Hell!

Remember the time you wanted to do something good with your life? Maybe you got a musical talent and you wasted it.  Or maybe you were good at math but you stopped pushing yourself further or… You just wanted to become average like everybody else… You said – who the f. cares about me. I may Read more