Be Reborn Like a Phoenix – Make Sacrifices

To become great, you need to make sacrifices.  Most of the greatness in life comes from compound interests. And you need to pick few things to do for a long period of time. To be able to do this you need to give up some things. Also, most of the benefits in life require giving […]

My Path: Part 3. Tactics for Astonishing Result

So, I took care of basic stuff – like daily routines, workout, maintenance in general. Then, I answered a question on who I want to be in life. Now, what? Tactics might be useful. You might talk a lot, set goals, but what truly matters is the work you put in it. Let’s get straight […]

My Path – Part 2

I cleaned up my room. Yes. I did so. I feel so much more confident and I feel like I have a clear mind. That needed to be done. Cleaning up my room, planning my meals, waking up time, routine. I needed to do this stuff. I suggest you do the same – especially when […]