The Power of Time (ROI)

The Power of Time

I was sitting back in my room and I was wondering. The question came to my head:

“Why should I eat this healthy food, why should I go to the gym on daily basis, why should I read these books. Does it even matter?”

And then… I got the answer,

It matters because the effects of these routines are visible but in a long term.

Overnight Myth

Many people believe in getting people rich fast scam. Some gurus trying to trick other people into believing that you can earn millions overnight or build a perfect body in 1 month …if you only buy their product.

The world doesn’t work that way. You need to invest something first to get the results you want in many areas in your life.

I don’t want to sound like the wisest man on the planet.

I was also one of these people. I tried to get in shape as fast as possible. After I was getting like 3 pounds of body weight per month I was angry. I thought I would have gained more than that. I measured my weight every day and I wanted immediate results.

I didn’t know back then but I just needed to put work in and see results in some months.

You know now that you need to invest in something to reach a point of a good life.

What to Aim at Then?

You need to aim at the highest possible good. What does it mean? You need to do the following things:

Aim at the things which will give the best benefits in the future and at the same time not put you in the grave.

Aim at the things with huge ROI.

What is ROI?

It’s a return of investment. It goes something like this:

You need to put time, effort and energy into some projects and then you are benefited by a lot of great things in the future. It’ll give you huge benefits in a long term. Choose investments in many areas in your life.

I will explain that in my own examples:

My Example of Investments:


OK, so it all started when I was skinny as hell and people were calling me a skeleton. I decided to change that to stop being a guy who was not respected. I was going 3 times a week to a gym. I started caring about my diet.

So I spent like 6 hours a week by going to the gym. Then I spent 1 hour daily on making meals so it was totally 13 hours weekly and it gave me many benefits:

I looked more attractive. I was stronger. I had more energy during a day.

So you can’t really imagine how big ROI was. In this case, I invested mostly time because paying $12 for a month of a gym in my city was not much of a big deal.

2. Running a Blog.

Running something on your own is extremely important these days. We got so much potential. That’s why I started my own blog. It can be as well youtube channel, Instagram account and so on.

There are a lot of opportunities these days to start working for yourself. You just need to put enough work, keep learning and practicing, be regular and everything is going to be ok.

You need to push yourself. Using the right strategies you can show your unique personality to the audience and teach them something.

That’s what I’ve made. Actually, I’m just starting but I believe this blog will be huge one day and the feeling of helping thousands of people is more than enough to make this worth it.

3. Good Quality Sleep

In a short-term, you might think that sleeping less will give you more productive time for your projects.

But… guess what? You’re not going to work efficiently when you are tired. Your brain needs sleep to recover. Tim Ferriss while interviewing top-class performers identified that almost all of them prioritize sleep.

When you sleep 8 hours daily you are way more energized during the day. And what’s more, you are ready to put that energy to some projects of yours.
So prioritize sleep by yourself and see the benefits.

Other Examples

There are also many other examples of investments you didn’t expect like resting, going to nature, healthy diet, feeling good.

What are ROIs of that?

Resting a little bit might make you less stressed and your productivity will be boosted,

Going to nature will make you come up with interesting ideas. It might be solutions to some problems in your projects.

The healthy diet might prevent you from being sick and also boost your energy levels during the day so that you’re less sleepy and more energized so that you can do more work in less time.

Feeling good (which might be included by meeting friends, eating your most favorite meal, laughing) can also boost your productivity and decrease stress.

There are endless examples. Figure out the rest on your own.

And What are ROIs of Your Daily Activities During the Day?

You need to ask yourself how much you spend on certain things.

The best way to do it is to use the google calendar. You need to put blocks of at least 30 minutes of what you’re doing on daily basis and track what you spend time on. Then estimate how much value it is going to generate for you for the rest of this day and the following months/years.

Humans, as opposed to animals, can think about the future and come up with the greatest solution. It puts them in a better position in the future at the expense of their present. That’s why the best strategy is to come up with the plan so that you will boost your results in the following months/years.

As you have all of your daily activities summed up, it’s time for the next step: come up with alternatives. To do that you need to know your goals. Because one thing might have higher ROI for one people and less for another one.

Making it Easier

A lot of investments might seem hard to constantly make like most of the good habits.

BUT… as always there is a solution to make something easier. This time is no different (although remember that you still need to put your work in, there are no lifehacks).

You can minimize the pain of that investment in the beginning and maximize pleasure. How to do it?
It’s kind of simple. You need to do some brainstorming:

1) Gym – Go to the gym with a friend.

2) Blog – Focus only on articles and write them while being fully concentrated – it’s called deep work.

3) Sleep – Go to bed early. Set alarm and stick to it.

Cost of Saying Yes to Too Many Things

One of the things that can be a problem while you’re investing are distractions around you. Many websites and people are waiting to steal your time and attention. Be prepared. Learn to say no.

Also, another people might just interrupt you when they’re bored. Ignore that.

Prioritize your tasks with those who have the biggest ROI.

Now, go and make investments with the biggest ROI possible!

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