Roadmap of Diffpath

The Diffpath is a path. There’s deep psychology behind it.

I want to create a roadmap for young people who want to develop their life and get on the right path.

From there, they will be the unstoppable machines, warriors, capable of slaying dragons.

My mission is to provide people with the drive and tools to become the Hero of their Journey. To make every day of their lives filled with meaning

Ok, now, let’s get to the methods, shall we?

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The Value of Listening To Ambitious People

Do you feel like there’s no hope in life? And that you’re obliged to work for 40+ years to finally retire one day?

Or the opposite – that life is only for fun at weekends, partying like there’s no tomorrow, taking drugs, drinking liters of alcohol, and then suffering the rest of the week?

Neither of these kinds of thinking is right.

There’s the 3rd way of the growth mindset, of striving to get better. You just need the right people around you to guide you and enforce that kind of mindset in you.

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Be Reborn Like a Phoenix – Make Sacrifices

To become great, you need to make sacrifices. 

Most of the greatness in life comes from compound interests. And you need to pick few things to do for a long period of time. To be able to do this you need to give up some things.

Also, most of the benefits in life require giving up pleasure and comfort in the short term – and even pain to finally acquire great life in the long term.

Think about going to the gym. You struggle in the present, feel pain, you make micro damages to the muscles so that they can grow. And one day you finally become much stronger physically and mentally, healthier and more attractive

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Be Deliberate About Your Time

There are a lot of useful habits that you might learn. One of the most interesting ones to me is being intentional about your time. We have only 24 hours of time during the day. When you do not count the time you sleep you have around 16 hours per day. Everybody has the same amount. Yet some people can do a lot more than others. How is this possible?

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