Roadmap of Diffpath

The Diffpath is a path. There’s deep psychology behind it.

I want to create a roadmap for young people who want to develop their life and get on the right path.

From there, they will be the unstoppable machines, warriors, capable of slaying dragons.

My mission is to provide people with the drive and tools to become the Hero of their Journey. To make every day of their lives filled with meaning

Ok, now, let’s get to the methods, shall we?

There are several steps involved. This article will evolve as my experience and knowledge. So far I have introduced these steps to make my life easier. These are steps based on methods from my experience and from Books and Podcasts on Personal-Development.

  1. Take responsibility for your life.
  2. Divide your life into areas and take care of each of them.
  3. Be on the path.
  4. Do not look for excuses.
  5. You can achieve a lot -> Look at David Goggins and other people’s journey 0 to Hero.
  6. Change your Mindset -> FIll your mind with the right information.
  7. Know what actually you want in life (Not what others want you to do).
  8. Come with a plan on how to actually do it.
  9. Fix your habits.
  10. Stop doing stupid stuff. (It will save you time and energy).
  11. Instead, go for the Hero’s Journey, the meaningful Path.
  12. Stay on the Path.
  13. Avoid Resentment. You can feel meaning even in the worst circumstances.
  14. Constantly look for improvement in your day and in your skills.

Under each of these points, there are articles written related to this topic.

Start from point one. If you feel like you’ve mastered this step, go to the next one.

Repeat until you find yourself struggling in a certain step.

That’s how you do it. One step at a time. Until you master all of them.

Go to the Point One.

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