My Path: Part 3. Tactics for Astonishing Result

So, I took care of basic stuff – like daily routines, workout, maintenance in general. Then, I answered a question on who I want to be in life.

Now, what?

Tactics might be useful. You might talk a lot, set goals, but what truly matters is the work you put in it. Let’s get straight through it.

Core 4

It is a system from “How to Make Sh*t Happen” by Sean Whalen. Of all systems I have used, this seemed to be the most suitable for me. And it worked well. 

It divides your life into 4 areas. In each of these areas you are meant to do at least 1 action per day:

  • Health/Fitness. Example: Training for 10 minutes after waking up, Do stretching in the evening, go for a run.
  • Relationships. Example: Planning on how to spend time together. Making a surprise gift. Calling your friend.
  • Mind. Example: Reading 10 pages of a book.
  • Business. Example: Writing 5 emails to potential clients. Writing 300 words of an article.

According to the author of this method, your life is like a table with 4 legs (Health, Relationship, Mind, and Business). When one of these 4 legs (areas) have a bad time, it affects all other areas in your life and thus your life as a whole.

This method focuses on daily actions towards your goals without any excuses. You should be working every day towards each of your 4 areas in life. Each evening you plan what you will do during the next day for each of these areas.

Now, let’s use it to actually get the results I’m after in this journey.

How to break down Becoming the strongest leader on the planet into practice?

It’s obvious that people do not learn as much from reading or listening as from exercises.

That’s why I am about to plan daily actions towards becoming the leader I have envisioned to be using the Core 4 method. Use this if you aim for the same results.

Characteristics Of A Leader

1. I Look At The Way I Move

Remind yourself every day that time is limited, therefore you need to act quickly. There’s no place for hesitation. You’re a confident machine. That’s why you need to move your body “aggressively”. That means you have an intention towards every move you make.

Exercise: Try to move 1.5x times faster with an intent. Wherever you go or whatever you do. you can do it. And when you hold your head high. Do not look down. NEVER. Look people straight in their eyes. Do not show a bit of hesitation.

2. I Look At The Way I Speak

Same as moving. Be in control. Compare yourself with the top people you want to follow. Then try to imitate characteristics of their voice: speed, tone. Take care of the right amount of space during sentences when you speak. Remove “eh hmmm” sounds of hesitation. Know exactly what you are saying.

Record yourself and try to top it off. You cannot fake the proof. That way you hear how you exactly sound. 

Use every advantage you have – at work, during a meeting with friends. test yourself. Remember – it is those usual activities during the day that shapes us. It needs to become natural for you.

Watch some tips on how to use your diaphragm.

Exercise: Spend 10-15 minutes 3-7 days a week practicing sounds. Use a program like an Audacity to test your voice. And then use your improved voice in every moment during the day. Remember – practice makes a habit. And then you do not have to think about it anymore.

3. I Take Action, Lead People, And Make Decisions. Non-stop.

Lead in relationship, family, in my work, and in every area, you can come up with. Come up with plans and propose it to your people

Exercise: Take a pen and paper. Or some apps like google docs, wherever you take notes. Then try to come up with a plan to spend time – with your partner, friends. Also, come up with solutions for improvement in your job. And then propose it to people. Be proactive. 

Whenever you see that there is a thing to do but no one is willing to take responsibility – go proactively and propose to do it by yourself.

4. I Prepare For Everything

Make plans. Visualize the night before. And also before important events

Exercise: Every evening visualize your next day. Think about all of the good things you might do and all obstacles that you might encounter. Prepare for it. 

5. I Always See Hope. Even In The Darkest Moments.

Be willing to detach from the situation. Use both emotions and logic to breakthrough. Use a cookie jar in tough moments.

Exercise: Try to do difficult, uncomfortable things every day. That way you make your mind harder. Do cold showers every day. Do an intense workout.

6. I Come Up With Strategies On How To Solve Problems And How To Achieve Goals.

You can achieve almost anything that you put all 100% focus on, therefore you should carefully make a plan and go for what you want.

Exercise: Make a plan of what you are going to do in 3 months and then break it down into daily actions (like I did in this post). Then, control it every day and adjust accordingly.

7. I Act. Instead Of Just Saying.

You should carefully plan what you should do and then do it. Keep your word. Go straight with the plan. You’re able to do all of your commitments if you’re efficient with your time. Schedule important activities and stick to it.

Exercise: Keep a list of things you told yourself and others you will do and keep track of it. 

8. I Adopt The Mindset That Wherever I Show Up, This Space Is Mine

There’s no place for hesitation in life, even the slightest moments. Wherever you go you should focus on my mission. Work out consistently to keep your mind sharp and increase your assertiveness and power within you.

Exercise: Workout every day (even 10 minutes gives you a boost of confidence)

9. I Take Responsibility For Every Small Thing.

Every time there is something to fix (that you’re able to fix) offer help to do it.

Exercise: Every day answer a question: What is the 1 thing you could do that would have a great impact on your relationships, work, health, mind (1 for each area).

10. I Make A Stand On What I Believe

Practice speaking about what you believe, in smaller circles and then expanding more.

Exercise: Everyday look for opportunities to present your way of a view to others.

11. I Communicate Effectively What I Believe, What I Do.

Write consistently because it helps to clarify your thoughts. Then present it to your circle of friends, colleagues.

Exercise: Write every day about something that bothers you, something important for at least 10 minutes.

12. I Am Worth Following – Morality And Capability

Work on being trustworthy. Develop your skills every day and look for opportunities to learn new skills. We have a little time for that during the day. That’s why use it whenever you have a chance. 


  1. If you want to be competent – read 15 minutes daily on basic stuff, learn new things. But do not just read – make notes and test yourself on these ideas. To prove you really understand you need to be able to explain it clearly.
  2.  When it comes to being moral – ask yourself every time you make a decision – is this how an ideal person, the ideal leader I want to act? Choose meaning over pleasure.

13. I Am The Lone Wolf

Every time a person disagrees with you remind yourself that you’re willing to go a lonely path. Just reflect and do not take things personally. Come back to your values Every day and Make sure you stick to them. Plan what you need to do and stick to what you tell yourself you will do and how you act.

Exercise: Say “No”, “No, I won’t do this”, “No, thank you”  when time somebody asks you something that you are not willing to do. Without explanation. You learn assertiveness that way. 

List Of Things To Do:

After collecting all of that data I can list all of the things that done daily will bring me closer to the person I want to be. Here’s the list:

  • Walk 1.5 times faster, hold my head high. Stand up straight. And look people in their eyes.
  • Practice speaking clearly, loudly enough using your diaphragm. – even 10 minutes every 3 days. 
  • Make plans for yourself and the others – every day
  • Visualize every day, especially doing hard, new or important activities
  • Do uncomfortable things every day – like cold showers.
  • Make a plan of what you want to accomplish in your life, in the next 3 months. Then divide your goals into daily practice for each day.
  • Have a list of things to do. And then select a few for the next day.
  • Workout every day for at least 10 minutes.
  • Everyday focus on the biggest leverage thing for each area in your life: Relationships, Mind, Health and Work
  • Keep communicating on what your values are on a daily basis. Stay true to your values. 100% of the time.
  • Write every day for 10 minutes
  • Learn each day about new stuff for 15 minutes
  • While making a decision verify if that’s what your ideal person would do.
  • Say “NO” without explanation.

Of course, these characteristics are only few that the greatest confident leader has. These are the one I believe are most crucial. There are the others as well. 

The key is to constantly think of yourself as a leader (or whatever personality you chose to imitate) and constantly try to act like one. When you start looking at yourself that way and have in mind examples of people who you admire, you will find new patterns of behavior and begin the process of changing into the person you want to be.

But you need to start somewhere. That’s why this guide is a very good roadmap. Create yours by yourself!

What I‘ve Learned

  • Actions from 1 characteristic gives benefits to many other characteristics. For example, by working out you become a more assertive, powerful person but also you sharpen your mind. These actions overlap and that’s a good thing.
  • Little time during the day invested in these activities can lead to huge results over time
  • It’s best to choose tasks that are so easy to do that makes them irresistible. It gives you consistency. 

How Can You Use It In Your Own Life?

List down all of the characteristics of the person you want to be (like in step 2 of my journey). Then break it down into actionable steps to do everyday. 

Think about 1 thing you could do today in each of your areas of life: relationships, health, career, mind to bring you closer to the place you want to be in life. And then do it.

See you in the next part of my journey!

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