It All Starts Now. Do Things Daily

One day I will be great… You might be thinking.

I will go to the gym tomorrow…

One day I will be a millionaire…

All of those thoughts are nice but… they are wrong.

Direction and goals are important but without doing the things you need today, you won’t achieve what you want. Tomorrow never comes.

Today is the someday you mentioned in the past.

Now is the best time to do anything. 

Today is The Right Moment

Today counts. 

You might be thinking that in the future you’ll achieve a lot. Maybe you’ll be a businessman, you’ll have millions, a great physique, and a lovely relationship. You might. But it all comes down to today.

Today is your day. Repeated over and over again. If you just did some things today it would benefit you exponentially – if you keep doing that consistently for a while, of course.

So start today.

As I am writing this, it is 9:30 p.m. and I didn’t do anything regarding my website today. But I just convinced myself to write for 5 minutes. And here we go. This will start a great post that might affect many people, go viral, and make me grow my website.

Do something worthwhile – right now. You’ll feel much better – believe me, even if you failed ultimately this day. If you do something good right now – you will feel like you succeeded this day.

Why does it matter?

Improving 1% every day is (1,01)^365= 37.78 times! It’s a 3778% of improvement!

By improving 1 % a day you will achieve a great life.

And it doesn’t take much to change by 1% daily.

Maybe even 5 minutes.

You won’t have time in life. 

Maybe you’re thinking: I don’t have time these days. 

You’re right! But what about the future? Let’s say you’re now single or in a relationship. How would your availability change if you had kids?

Think about that.

Many other things might come up as well so don’t think that the future will be more suitable. It won’t be unless you take action NOW.

Your future is now. The time for action is now.

Regardless of whether you want to get in shape, start a business, or organize a great trip. Don’t wait forever. 

The time might be just perfect right now.

Just do it.

How to Use this For Your Advantage?

Set next possible action. And execute.

That’s it.

Do you want to lose 10 pounds? Buy the gym membership. And after that do 10 push-ups.

You will feel much better and you will do some progress.

What then? Go to the gym. 

And step by step you move towards your goal. You will find another step after you make this first step.

The goal is to do the next action that moves you closer to your goal.

What to Do Now?

Now, think about 1 goal you’re aiming at.

And do the small action that will move you closer to your goal.

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