Simple Switch To Doble Your Productivity: The Main Thing

Aren’t you satisfied with the results of your craft?

Maybe you’re not allocating your time correctly.

Do you know what percentage of your time you spend on which thing? You might be surprised where your time goes unless you analyzed it before.

Being intentional about your time is important. 

You see, the most important thing is to keep your main thing the main thing of the day.

Why Should You Bother?

Do you want to make progress in your life?

Do you want to increase your output per time spent?

I bet you do.

And you can achieve it through doing the most important things.

There is a Pareto Principle that shows that 80% of results are determined by 20% of efforts.

And this 20% of the effort is your main thing.

So by focusing on 20% of the most important things you will get most of the benefits. Doesn’t it sound like an interesting thing you would like to explore?

I guess so.

Garry Keller mentions that also in his book “The One Thing”. You need to pick one thing that is crucial and practice it every day.

First, you need to you analyze what to do with your life. And after that, you do it consistently.


  • More progress in your life.
  • Less time spent on working
  • More time for high-quality fun

Be productive instead of busy.

Defining Your Main Thing

To find your main thing, you need to first define goals for each area of your life:


Then decide what is the main thing for each of these areas,

For the purposes of this article, I will focus on the Production area.

You might be thinking that you’re doing a lot for production.

Maybe you have some side business.

  • Youtube -> Making videos
  • Website -> Writing Articles
  • Photography -> Making Photos

But how much time do you actually spend on really creating new things instead of just researching and thinking about them?

Focus on sharpening your craft. And you will become better each day.

Keeping Your Main Thing The Main Thing

Identifying how much time you spend on which thing. Analyze how much time you spend on each activity.

Look at your calendar. How many hours do you spend weekly on the things that are most important to you? To best analyze it you can track every minute of your life for one week and see 100% truth.

 If you want to be professional in your area, you need to keep doing things. That’s the only way for you to learn. As Gary Keller says in the book “The One Thing” you should focus on one thing. 

When you know that you should be mostly writing, create some rituals around that so that it’s easiest for you to do it consistently.

What To Do Now?

Identify what is your main thing of the day – your craft.

And then set a timer for 10 minutes and work on your main thing.

Embrace the mindset of a craftsman and look forward to keeping practicing the main thing and you’ll progress in no time.

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