Warning: Stop Contributing To Hell!

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Remember the time you wanted to do something good with your life?

Maybe you got a musical talent and you wasted it.  Or maybe you were good at math but you stopped pushing yourself further

or… You just wanted to become average like everybody else…

You said – who the f. cares about me. I may still be average.

But… Is it true?


When you don’t manifest your potential you bring up hell to the world!


The answer is complex.

You are more influential than you think.

I remember when I started going to the gym because I was skinny as hell. It didn’t take me long to get famous (even though it was not my goal).

Funny thing, I was just slightly better (maybe I gained like 6 pounds of muscle).

And what’s more, people from my surroundings started going to the gym as well. Why?

I put the time in something meaningful and it paid off.

I took care of myself.  Back then people were scary going to the gym and also they lacked motivation. By doing something good for myself I gave example to other people and changed their lives along the way.

That’s why you have to remember that your actions are more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Let’s say you know 1000 people. And each of them also knows 1000 people. so you have an access to 1 million people. Isn’t that incredible?

If I sound weird then forgive me. I’m not trying to sound like motivational bullshit. I’m not telling you that you can do everything, cause you can’t. You can’t win the world championship in running for 100m. You don’t have the right genes.

There are some barriers.


Don’t give up hope. There are still many things you can do. And having a huge impact on the world by your actions is one of them.

Coming back to the topic…

Let’s suppose the opposite. You did something wrong and you got away with this. Imagine how many people would also try to do the same. The evil and lazy paths are very tempting. But creating hell is a different story.

By not going out of the crowd, staying average you are giving permission to others to do the same.

But I do what I can…

BS. So, you think you are doing fine right now?

Guess again.  You are probably using 51% of your potential right now. Let’s be honest. How many hours daily do you spend watching useless youtube videos? Or scrolling through facebook feed?

If you focused let’s say 2 hours on deep work on some of your personal projects, you would be a far ahead. You may not become a master overnight but progressing to 1% each week gives you 66% progress after a year, 179% progress after 2 years and 1216% progress after 5 years.

And progressing 1% each day gives you 3778% progress after a year.

Seems worth it.

How to manifest your potential then?

OK. Now you know you’re influential and you can do better. The question still remains: How to do it? How to unlock your secret treasure of potential?

Would you like to discover it?

I guess so. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

I will provide you with some steps to become more than you’re right now. But keep in mind that the effects may vary because nobody knows the real potential of a human being. We’ve been surprising the world many times in history. 

Still, you might exceed everyone’s expectations if you followed these steps correctly.

1. Make Sure You’re on the Right Path

Are you satisfied with your current job or university?

If the answer is “Yes” then skip to the step 2.

If the answer is “No” then figure out what you wanna do.

How to do this? You probably have done something astonishing in the past. Something that everybody admired. Write down this in a place where you can always find it later.

Think about what you wanted to do when you were a child. Maybe that’s the answer to your questions about where to go. To find out more about yourself I’d advise you to take Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Future Authoring Program. I’ve also had taken it and it helped me a lot.

Choose the things you want to do.

To do this step correctly you need to just step forward. You need to experience more Things to get the tractions what makes you feel like time stopped and you are fully engaged. You need that to find out more about yourself. I’m not talking about being happy. I’m talking about something meaningful.

Every step forward is good. Don’t be obsessed with choosing the right thing. Even if the perfect way manifested in front of you, you wouldn’t know it’s the perfect way. Make some plan and stick to it.

2. Use All The Tools You Have Available.

There are plenty of resources out there. During your life, you unconsciously collected a huge base of aces in your sleave. It includes your contacts, stories, thoughts, experiences, facts. You should use these.

For example, you read many books in the past. How many of them you actually benefited you. You probably forgot all of them.

You had many conversations in your life. Were you focused during these and listened? You could have gained knowledge out of those conversations.

How many good thoughts popped into your head when you were in the shower?

You got huge power. You just need to embrace it.

3. Learn more about efficiency, choose the right tools

What’s more, there are tools you haven’t heard of. There are strategical tactics to get most of your time. Have you used them?

I will show you some:

  1. Organization system: You need to know exactly what to do at the certain time. Getting Things Done is a perfect system to provide it.
  2. Deep work: Multitasking all the time? Stop it! Multitasking is a killer to productivity. Set some time when you’re not interrupted. Let’s say 2 hours and focus on only 1 task without switching. Let’s see how it’s gonna boost your productivity.
  3. Focus on 1 thing at a time.
  4. Don’t push forward. Pull instead. If you are stressed every day you need to handle it. You don’t want to dig yourself a grave. Try to look at the different angle and do other tasks that motivate you (if that’s possible).

4. Stop Lying to yourself

Are you tired? You don’t have time for anything? Scared of what others will say?

Move your butt! And stop lying to yourself. And stop being weak!

Are you gonna waste more time, blame all the world for your pitiful life? Start taking action and choose your Right Path, a Different Path.

5. Practice

This is when the real effects are going to come. First, you need to put in some work. People are looking for some hack, some shortcut. But it can only help you in the beginning. You need to put a lot of work into that. Always aim at least 1% higher for today than it was yesterday.

It’s like being an athlete. You identify your talents, virtues and you practice like hell. And one day you may become the top performer, whether it is painting, writing, coding. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just keep practicing like an athlete. It means full of focus and patience.

6. Share your Work and Attitude with Others 

You need to share your work with other people and try to help them. There are many ways these days to give a good example to people. Social media, Blogging Podcasting are great ways to share your passion and knowledge. 

But it might be too much for you. It depends on your personality type.

Regardless, you should give a good example to the people. Help them deal with their problems. Sometimes they just need some directions where to go or hear that there is a solution to a problem.

Be the light in the tunnel for them.

7. How to Stay on the Right Path

You need to measure your work so that you can see if you are going in the right direction or not.

There will be times when you think about giving up. But then you need to remind yourself about why are you are doing this. Also, there will be times when you need to face some dragons in front of you: people who don’t agree with your opinion or are just jealous because of your success. Don’t worry about them. Think about the good you are making in the world.

If you got any doubts to do this:

Think about how your life would look like if you stayed at the same place. People are thinking what is it going to cost them facing the problem or changing their lives. What they are forgetting about is how much is it gonna cost them to stay in the same place.

You would end up as a mediocre person. And in a worse place. There is an entropy law out there. It means that everything is falling apart when you don’t care about it. That’s why you need to constantly grow. Being scared of the necessary steps to make puts you in a terrible spot. You need to get things done.

You also need to navigate yourself when you are falling off the path. Make monthly reviews. Sit down in a comfortable place. Make sure you are going in the right direction.

You think you don’t care about this?

Yeah, you might not give a f. about what is going to you. You may not believe that you have that much influence on your surroundings.

But… what if you are wrong? Not only you can bring some troubles to yourself but also to your family. What about that? I’m not trying to insult anybody but try to have at least a bit of humility.

So, go to the world, take responsibility for your actions and influence others in a positive way.




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