Skyrocket Your Life: Table Methodology

This article is the second part of the series Roadmap of Diffpath.

So, now you know you need to take responsibility for your life. Now you’re wondering what to do.

So let me advise you. You want to take care of your life as a whole. Not only take care of your business and be a millionaire while you are close to being divorced. That’s a bad idea.

There’s a nice methodology that will help you understand principles that are crucial to life fulfillment, to take care of your life as a whole.

Imagine your life as a table with four legs. If you broke one of these legs, the other three would suffer from that. And it is the same in your life. Each of these metaphor legs is an area in your life: BODY, MIND, RELATIONSHIPS, AND PRODUCTION.

I have read about this methodology in Sean Whalen’s Book: “How to Make Sh*t Happen


So, first of all – BODY. You need to take care of it daily. Do you know how you feel when you don’t work out for a long time and have eaten unhealthy? You’re probably not in the best mood to go to work, to get something from you, to produce. You need to work out, you need to take care of your food intake to eat the right food. Because if you don’t, then your mind suffers, you cannot, you’re not in a really good mood. 

Also, your production suffers because you cannot produce when you are sick, or when you don’t feel the energy. 

Your relationship also suffers. 

You’ll be mean to the people around you because you don’t feel well. Also, you don’t have the energy to do anything with people, so people will think you’re boring.

Your daily training is needed. Take care of your body through exercise and eating healthy and you will see big results in every area of your life.


Mind is difficult to estimate because we care a lot about our body about earning money and taking care of other people but we neglect our own minds.

How many of you read books daily or listen to audiobooks, or listen to podcasts? 

You need to take care of the good information intake. Think of your mind as the garden. Remove the bad leaves and also water the good flowers to keep your own garden in check, to keep it beautiful.

You need to maintain it correctly, and you need to develop your mind because your mind is like a vessel for the progress you can make. If you don’t learn new skills you will stay in the same place in life.

You want to raise the bar. Don’t rest on your laurels. Constantly improve.

Entropy works against you. So if you don’t keep growing, learning new things, seeing through new perspectives, you will be overwhelmed by new obstacles in life.

Work on your mind every day and you will be stronger mentally, ready to face any problem that comes your way.


Taking care of relationships means treating your partner well. Remind him/her of you and show that you don’t rest on your laurels. Support him/her.

The same for your relationships with your friends, your family. You cannot neglect that. It’s your source of power. Having the right people around you that care about you and support you can improve your wellbeing a lot.

When you fight with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or where you have some negative thoughts about some people in your life – you need to get over that. Otherwise, it only stops you from living fully. You should forgive others. If you don’t – you’re only hurting yourself. You need to let go of some difficult things in your life, and take care of the circle of people around you. Make sure there are good people around you.


Production is creating value and also contributing to the world. It creates money.

Are you working 9-5? make most of it. Be focused during the work, And after work, you can start your own business, earn money you need money to, to live the life you want.

You might not become a millionaire if it is not your goal, but you need some cash.

You cannot be starving to death, or feel the pain because of the debt. A stressful job affects your relationships and your well-being. You cannot really be focused and happy. And also, if you have problems at work. It may affect your body. You might not want to work out because you will be tired. The circle goes on and on.


So as you can see all of these areas have an influence on other areas so you need to take care of these four main areas.

Divide your life into what you’d like to accomplish in each of these areas and track all the things you can do during the day. Remember to take care of each of these areas, every day.

For the body, it might be working out. For example, for 15 minutes in the morning and eating 3-4 healthy high protein meals is a good goal.

For the mind, it might be reading books for 10 minutes. In the evening before bed, and also listening to podcasts and audiobooks were you working on doing dishes.

For the relationships it may be present, while you’re with your girlfriend or boyfriend, calling regularly to your friends, saying hi to one of these friends.

And for production, it might be being focused at work doing one new big task, or when you want to start the business simply you can put a task of starting a new domain or reaching out to new clients on Facebook, and so on.

So that would be the appeal of that will be a quick explanation of how to incorporate this idea into real life.

So divide your life into four main areas, body, mind, relationships, and production, and keep working on each of them every day. 

Now, what should you do right now? 

So, think about what you can do today for your:

  • body – one thing.
  • mind – one thing.
  • production – one thing.
  • relationships – one thing.

Later you might add activities but right now start with only ONE for each of the areas.

Okay, go ahead, do it, learn it and do it by. And remember, it doesn’t have to be big. Go!

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